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Keelin MacGregor - 2022 3D Portfolio

Keelin MacGregor - 2022 3D Portfolio

Keelin MacGregor
by KRMacGregor on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The best of my game-ready models created throughout my final year of University.

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Entwined: Ram and Wolf

Two playable characters from my single-player solo games project Entwined, the player can control the Ram with the left thumbstick and the Wolf with the right thumbstick to solve puzzles that require both characters. They are depictions of split aspects of an ancient Goddess, forged in stone and brought to life by mysterious forces. They are showcased in real-time within an environment I modelled, textured and lit.

Ram: 38,782 tris  ||  Wolf: 30,464 Tris  ||  1x Shared 4k texture

Entwined: The Goddess

The last vestige of an ancient religion - this Goddess forged the Earth and was worshipped for many years. This marble sculpture has gold moulded to her head and plating her eyes, and contains metal tenons in her arms that support and attach the arms to the torso akin to the Venus de Milo. After being abandoned for so long, she has lost her left arm.

Statue: 39,392 Tris  ||  2x 2k texture

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

An old, rusting, games-ready model of a Singer Treadle machine. The goal was to keep it as accurate as possible whilst keeping the poly count down, avoiding intersection within the model. All alphas and decals were hand drawn by me based on available reference.

Sewing Machine: 6,928 Tris  ||  Table and Frame: 25,554 Tris  ||  2x 2k texture

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