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Shagis - The Jailer

Shagis - The Jailer

Matteo Gazzi
by Yebisss on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my entry for the "Rookies Award 2022" I hope you'll enjoy my work!

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The idea to start the creation of Shagis was given by a concept by Raquel Martí I found on ArtStation (Check her ArtStation!).

At first I wanted to recreate only the character but after some work I decided to challenge myself by trying to create a little environment to give some contest to the model.

For the environment I get inspiration from one of my favorite videogames series ever: Dark Souls. In particular from the location of  Irithyll Dungeon in Dark Souls 3.

In this project I tried to implement as many techniques and software as possible so I could create a cool project and, at the same time learning always something new.

So this is the final result of my work:

Software Used:

Modeling: Maya, ZBrush

Texturing: Substance Painter, Substance Designer

Lighting and Rendering: Arnold (for the Environment), Marmoset Toolbag 4 (for props, character turntable)



concept by Raquel Martí (Check her ArtStation!).

Shagis was completely modeled on Maya with the exception of legs and arms that was done in ZBrush starting from a free basemesh I found on the internet.

The modeling part was very hard but at the same time fun and challenging.

For the hands and legs I only worked on a high poly version of the basemesh.

During the texturing process of Shagis I tried to replicate a gothic feeling of horror so dark colors, gold, blood ecc.. For hands, arm and legs I wanted to try handpainting skin tecnique on substance painter. My goal was to create a “zombie-like” skin but not too rotten.

This is the result:

Prop and Environment:

As I said, my main inspiration for the environment was the Irithyll Dungeon from Dark Souls 3.

This location of the game is characterized by various cells protected by creepy jailers and, in my mind, this idea fits perfectly with the original concept of the character; so I decided to mix the two and create something new.

The idea behind the scene was to represents Shagis committed to the protection of a cell. What is hidden in the cell we cannot know... maybe some treasure or more likely some abomination that should not be seen.

After deciding the layout of the scene I start creating two materials on substance designer:

The first one for the wall: 

Substance Designer graph:

The second one for the ground:

Substance Designer graph:

This was my first approach with Substance Designer and overall I’m pretty satisfied with the result!


At this point I started modeling some props to give more credibility to the environment:

That’s all!

Thanks for taking the time to check on my project!

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