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by DorianAsscherick on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Mobü is a modular bicycle trailer designed to accommodate awide range of loads. “PANDO” is a biodegradable urn inspired by the philosophy of reincarnation. AQUILĂ is a bycicle lamp inspired by organic shapes

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For my bachelor's thesis, the intention was to create bicycle trailer that can accommodate different large size loads including suitcases and groceries. It not only had to be functional and easy to store but also had to respond to a certain aesthetic that would differentiate it from other trailers already on the market.


Nowadays when we want to move suitcases, groceries, or any other heavy load, the preferred means of transport is the car even when it comes to traveling short distances. The problem is that it creates unnecessary automobile pollution which could easily be avoided. In addition to polluting, the car is an expensive means of transport due to its fuel which costs more and more.

How does it work?

Two colored panels can be found in the centre of the trailer frame. You can release them by lifting the anthracite plastic pieces. Then to widen the trailer as such, you need to take the panels that we have just released and place them on the sides of the frame to form little wings who will enlarge the support surface.

After use the user can store Mobü easily thanks to thewheels which swivel 90 degrees inwards when the tray is raised. as for the hitch bar, it is folded down then clipped onto the trailer.


I was inspired by the aesthetic of the Mobula mobular ray otherwise known as the devil fish. Its shape seems at first glance to be a 2D face but all the curves it poses gives it great elegance and lightness. When the panels slide on the sides of the trailer, they are once again a nod to the Mobula since those form small wings like the one found on a ray.

“PANDO” is a biodegradable urn inspired by the philosophy of reincarnation to soothe the last moments of the user’s life by showing him that it is not the end.

The ashes of the deceased will contribute to the growth of a small tree in the centre of the urn.


I was particulary inspired by the philosophy of reincarnation. This has a predominant place in Hinduism . Reincarnation helps to have a more peaceful vision of death by saying that it is not the end.

And I would like to soothe the last moments of the user’s life by showing him that it is not the end and even if the person is not a believer.

In Belgium, cremations are on the rise and are chosen by 6 out of 10 Belgians. Cremation requires the use of 27 liters of gasoline for an average duration of 1.5 hours.

But, despite its drawbacks, cremation is considered more environmentally friendly than burial. Planting trees after each cremation could therefore partially offset these CO2 emissions.


The materials used to make the urn also have a reduced impact on the environment. Ceramic has a long life and molded pulp is a material made from recycled paper and 100% biodegradable without rejecting toxic materials

MOLDED PULP is a material, typically made from recycled paperboard and/or newsprint. For many applications, molded pulp is cheap and often considered a sustainable packaging material indeed,whether during its production process (low consumption of natural resources and use of recycled fibers) or during itslife cycle (this one is completely biodegradable), this material is very ecological which makes it perfect to make the biodegradable part of my urn.

“AQUILĂ” is a bicycle lamp inspired by organical shapes.  

 The goal of this project was to be able to demonstrate my advanced surfacing skills. I was also able to improve my renderings skills since I was confronted with it a lot during this design process.


I was mainly inspired by nature, especially the leaves of tropical plants. I also wanted to give a high end look to this lamp without having to use expensive materials. This is why I opted for the color black. To reinforce its elegance I played on textures and curves rather than colors


To make my prototype I used an SLS 3D printer so that the details were as precise as possible. For the flexible part of my lamp I used TPU and for the solid part I used PA12. I printed the front part of my lamp in resin so that it could be transparent and let the light of the lamp pass through.

Design process

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