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Roberto Arribas Anta
by roarandesign on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Welcome to my entry for The Rookie Awards 2022. As part of my studies at Voxel School, I made this game-ready prop based on Sombra's main weapon but with a more realistic approach.

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Sombra's Uzi

First of all, this prop was inspired by Rakan Khamash's incredible work. You may take a look at his approach of Sombra's main weapon here:

The objective of this work was to do a game-ready weapon. I decided to make Sombra's uzi as a challenge for myself because I've never done a prop with these features. So the process started in 3DS Max where I made both the high-poly and the low-poly models.



Then, with the UV done in the low-poly prop, both models were exported to Substance Painter. There I made the baking and texturing processes.

The final renders where done in Marmoset Toolbag 4. I wanted to create with the lightning a cyberpunk mood very much in line with Sombra's character. This was achieved by mixing cold and warm lights with high contrast. In addition, the use of post-processing effects, such as chromatic aberration, helped to convey that mood. You can take a look at the final results in this renders (with a turnaround included).

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