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This is the way... My path at Animum Creativity Advanced School

This is the way... My path at Animum Creativity Advanced School

by DaveJC on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Davis and this is my entrance for the Rookies Awards. I will explain how I was able to make these pieces throughout my preparation at Animum Academy. I am very happy to share it with you and I hope to continue growing in this discipline where every day is a continuous learning.

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I'll start with this character, it was clearly inspired by the great concept art of Saby Menyhei. The development of this character led me to study in depth what the mixture between a human and an amphibian was, that was very challenging and fun.

This character was made in Zbrush where I was able to apply everything I had learned, Maya for their respective retopology and UV,  Substance Painter for the textures and also many amphibian references. Then I returned to Maya and finally the render in Arnold.

It was one of my first approaches with this rendering engine and the results were incredible.

"One bad man"

I couldn't think of another name for this character, maybe later on I will make a whole world where I can include him along with a good story. Games like "Left For Dead", "The Last Of Us", "Resident Evil" and "Days Gone" are the titles that inspired me to make the decision to start on this path, for which this character is based on the mixture of these styles. An video games character AAA has great complexity and it was a challenging proyect.

I hope you like it !!!

Studying the face and body anatomy helped me a lot to be able to make this character, using Zbrush, Maya, Substance painter and Marmoset for real-time rendering. It was great to see this character already with all accessories, textured and illuminated.

Seeing the various clothes references helped me a lot to get more realism. I used the same concept of Marvelous in Zbrush for the clothes and thus be able to give them a special touch. it was fun.

"Face Anatomy"

After several test and error, finally I was able to make this face with XYZ textures and combine with Substance Painter, I achieved this result. 

The constant revision of the anatomy books like "Anatomy for sculptors", was crucial to obtain a face very close to the real thing. The next step will be to apply Xgen to give this bust a bether look.

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