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Concept art 2021/2022

Concept art 2021/2022

Gwénaël Feuillard
by Rufin on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone I'm Gwénaël Feuillard, I'm a 22 years old game art student at Isartdigital in Paris. I'm really proud to show you my work this year and I will give my best to continue to improve! Don't hesitate to give feedback ;)

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Sayidi is an RPG that I work on during 2 to 3 months with a team composed of game artist, game designers and programmer. I mainly worked on art direction and environment design and concept art with Marine Serre, Pierre Seigne and Maya Seydoux!

Here is the game cover that we print

I made many tests to define with my mates our guidelines and keywords for the entire game.

Sayidi is not yet available on platforms but I drop here some screenshot!


Here is a personal design project, I take advantage of this one to practice and improve my design techniques in different domains like vehicles, environments and characters.



During this year I had the opportunity to attend a course of Florian Coudray which was essentially focused on environment design and props design.


This 3 concept art are some tests that helped me to work on my process and use different techniques such as photo bashing, sculpting, and painting.


Siccitas Sands is another personal project that I worked on this year, my objectives on this were in the same range as the precedent project but this time with much world-building intentions. It was mainly turned on environment design and the real challenge were to design an entire city. I had the pleasure to discover the new version of Blender on this project!


contribution to the atomhauk competition 2021

contribution to the artstation challenge 2021 in keyframe category


A worldbuilding and concept art project based on the redesign of Gigi Magical princess a cartoon of the 80s.

Thanks for your time and attention, I hope you've taken pleasure looking at my work!

if you want to see more I leave you my Arstation link here

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