Background Design Collection

Background Design Collection

Andrea García
by DrewHasDrawn on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Andrea, a 21 y/o illustrator and BG Designer. I've studied 2D animation and Digital Illustration. The following proyects represent the most relevant Background Design I have produced since 2021.

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La Peña de los Enamorados 

A giant watches over and protects the towns of southern Spain (Antequera) in a legend of love and pain. A Muslim princess and a Christian prince flee from the king's army to this hill, where they would rather die than be separated.

Hidden in the clouds is the Muslim princess.

La Llorona

Based on the song La llorona by Natalia Lafourcade, Silvana Estrada and Ely Guerra (2021)

The Sky Highway 

Who has a better trip plan than driving through a rock dragon on a highway in the sky?

17th Zacatín Street 

Based on the typical architecture of southern Spain. It´s located in Granada in 1914.

Forest Glade

Be careful where you step; that area changes depending on the time, and the dance of the pillars could mesmerize you.

Waiting at 6 A.M.

Listen carefully as the trains pass at the station, what are you waiting for that early in the morning?

Local Market 

Vegetables, meats or the forecast of your future, whatever you need is in your trusted local market.

The Carts Camp

The snow reflects on the roofs of the caravans waiting to set up the circus.


She listens to an Elliott Smith song with the aura of an Edward Hopper painting.

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