Ahmed Mohamed VFX Showcase

Ahmed Mohamed VFX Showcase

Ahmed Mohamed
by IVAHD on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! I'm Ahmed Mohamed, I'm a Sudanese artist currently studying at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games, and Animation. During my studies, I was able to create two projects that challenged my knowledge and skills in creating visual effects. I am happy to overcome those challenges and present my work to you!

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Space Ship Jump

The Space Ship Jump was a project created for one of my classes at Gnomon. It was inspired by the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer where a ship jumps into outer space in the midst of clouds.

I wanted to create a similar effect and try to emphasize the effects of the jump on the clouds.

First I needed a ship for the clouds to interact with. Karin Pond, A friend of mine, was kind enough to provide me a ship that she made for one of her classes.

For the scene, I scatter points onto a noisy grid where spheres were instanced. After the scattered geometry resembled a promising scene I converted them into volumes and shaped them into clouds.

The next challenge was to separate an area of clouds into sections, Dynamic and Static. I did that by creating a bounding box, I then later copied the density attribute of the area the bounding box covered onto the bounding box itself. The bounding box could then be placed anywhere on the field of clouds and have the areas density copied onto it.

Particle Magic

My inspiration was the Obscurus beast from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I wanted to replicate the monster's behavior, allow it to relax, and then attack by shooting out particles everywhere.


Conveying the creature's behavior through movement didn't feel as strong as I wanted it to be, and therefore, I added lights to it.

The lights on the creature are points that are extracted once they reach a certain velocity. I then used those extracted points and made them emissive.


I used rocks from the Megascan asset library as I wanted the setting to be a cave-like environment. They were placed in a way that allowed some light to creep in from the right side which gave me beautiful shadows on the dust and creature.


For the dust, I created a group with a bounding box that’s low to the ground and used that group to emit smoke. The smoke is then affected by the velocity of the particles for a subtle interaction.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my submission!

If you want to see more you can do so by clicking the following links!

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