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Philip K Dick Themed Matte Painting

Philip K Dick Themed Matte Painting

by tamaranc on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A matte painting of my interpretation of a "gallery" of the works of Philip K Dick in a sci-fi city scene

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The brief for this project was to create a creative piece that displayed themes which Philip K Dick presents in his works. I decided to go with the approach of creating a sci-fi themed city, somewhat similar to the imagery seen in Dick's Blade Runner. Within my scene, I have included posters of film adaptations and names of works by Philip K. Dick, along with some selected quotes found within his novels, to better present my interpretation of a "gallery" of Dick's achievements.

I modelled and textured this piece in Blender, before taking it into Photoshop to further edit.

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