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3D Environments Overview ~ 2021-2022

3D Environments Overview ~ 2021-2022

Verbeeck Tom
by verbeecktom on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is an overview of all of the proudest works I made from 2021 to now (May 2022). My goal recently became to become a professional, fully-fledged 3D artist and I'm currently working hard to achieve that goal. Feel free to let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it!

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Stylized Tomato Farm Environment - UE5

This is the first big personal project I made during my studies in my free time. This was also a great opportunity to learn the Unreal Engine since I have only been using the Unity game engine for my environments so far and this is also my first time making an environment in the Unreal Engine. 

I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could make in a new engine by myself. Having no guidance from my teachers was something new to me and I had to plan carefully what my steps were going to be and in what order I should execute them.

Learning the basics of the Unreal Engine 5 and material creation was my first big step and after that applying the knowledge that I gained from my previous projects. It was by no means easy and finding the time to actually work on the project was quite challenging.

There went a lot of effort into making the environment and at the same time learning the engine. I was glad I was able to finish this project in time and I learned a lot from it. I hope you like the end result as much as I do.

Beneath you can find in order: Assets Overview, Tileable & Trim Materials Overview, Detail Lighting, Values, Progress Overview, and Final Showcase Video.

Post Apocalyptic City

This is my project for a final assignment for a certain school module.

The task was to create a modular city with a focus on verticality. We needed to build it in Unity HDRP and we needed to use Quixel Mixer for the first time to make the tileable textures. I choose a post-apocalyptic environment where I took inspiration from the game: The Division.

The models and unwraps were made in Autodesk Maya, sculpted in Blender, baked in Marmoset Toolbag 4, Textured in Substance Painter or Quixel Mixer, specific 2D details in Photoshop, and lighting/composition was done in Unity HDRP.

This was my second time making an environment in Unity and I learned a lot from the first time. I hope you enjoy it.

Beneath you can find in order: Assets Overview, Materials Overview,  Progress Overview, and Final Showcase Video.

Stylized Fantasy Windmill

I made a stylized windmill and environment in Unity HDRP for an assignment I had to make for school.

This was the first environment I had to make for school in a game engine. It was quite challenging since the main focus of the assignment was the windmill and not the environment itself but I still did my best to make the best I could at the time.

All the models are created in Maya, the sculpt detail of the windmill was made in Blender and the baking of the sculpt onto the low poly + stylized textures was made in Substance 3D Painter.

Viking Carrot Farm - Stylized Diorama

This is my first time making a stylized diorama and uploading it to Sketchfab. We had at the time learned some hand-painting through photoshop but this was the first time making something handpainted on a larger scale.

The assignment was to make a building with a small surrounding around it. From the model alone you should know from which civilization it came from and what the function of the person living there is.

The models are made in Maya and the textures are hand-painted in Photoshop.

I hope you like it!

Beneath you can find in order: Base Color Overview, Wireframe Overview, Materials Overview, and the sketches with the final sketch beneath.

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