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Creatures works

Creatures works

by Floreargentieri on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

- Orangutan - Fallow Deer - Paraceratherium - Lenape

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This post is about the  creature and animal projects I did this years.

Orangutan Project :

I've always found an orangutan really interesting in terms of anatomy and behavior , that's the main reasons why I wanted to do a project about this animal.
It was really interesting to do, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did doing it .

Framing choice :

Having the orangutan look directly at the camera not only engages the viewer, but it also

elicits an emotional response. The pose, therefore, serves to humanize the animal to a degree, almost making it seem like it wants to say something.


References were absolutely vital. Before even thinking about sculpting, I studied a lot of photos and video footage, just to decide what size and shape I want for my specimen, what color and length the fur should be, and so on. Next, I study anatomy, for which I again gather specific reference material, especially of skeletons, bones and muscles. While this is not an animated image, I still had to fully understand how the animal moves, which is why I watched a lot of footage. Seeing them in motion is what made me decide to create an additional shot of the orangutan screaming.

I then more or less repeated the same process, collecting material of fur and facial expressions, all of which I sort in separate mood boards. Only when I have a clear idea in mind do I move on to the actual sculpting.

Groom done with houdini
Softwares : Zbrush/Maya/Mari/Houdini/Redshift



Fallow Deer Project :

I've found interesting to study the anatomy of a fallow deer instead of a red deer because he comes from the Dama species which is smaller and it's now considered as endangered since 2010 ( especially Persian Fallow deer ). The goal was to do this animal close to realistic to give him a bit more visibility.

Groom done with Houdini.

Softwares : Zbrush/Maya/Mari/Houdini/Vray

The snow simulation on the fur was done by Jules Machicot and the lookdev of the snow by me.



Paraceratherium Project :

For a long time I wanted to do a Prehistoric animal or creature , so I've decided to do a Paraceratherium especially to learn a bit more how to sculpt skin of mammals. It's been a challenge to find references and try to stick to them because we don't have so much information regarding his anatomy, my principal ref were bones and skeleton reconstitution we have found during centuries.

Softwares : Zbrush/ Mari/ Substance Painter / Houdini/ Vray



Lenape Project :

This project is a creature I've done this year to be use in a group project. We wanted to create a scene between two protagonists, an anthropomorphic and a big creature. This creature was called a Lenape, it will try to hide in his environment to capture his prey.


The Main References I've used for this project was the Drawing of Sandro Girardi and a Snapping turtle for anatomy purpose it helps me to understand the volumes and muscles.

Softwares : Zbrush/ Maya/ Substance Painter/ Substance Designer/ Mari/ Houdini/ Vray



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