3D Game Art - Paula-Charlotte Alonso Aubin

3D Game Art - Paula-Charlotte Alonso Aubin

Paula-Charlotte Alonso Aubin
by paulacharlotte on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here are some 3D assets I created between 2021 and 2022! This entry includes a bust, two different game-ready weapons, and a stylized bottle!

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"Hi everyone! I'm Paula-Charlotte Alonso and this is my first ever entry in The Rookies! 
Here are some 3D works I did between 2021 and 2022! I hope you like them :)"


A Zbrush sculpt inspired by Ayran Oberto's 2D Concept

The texturing was made using Substance Painter and the rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 3

ZBrush Sculpt > Painter Texturing

Skull Bottle

A little bottle based on Sofya Palyukhina's 2D Concept.

It was great to learn more about transparency and how to render a potion-like texture! I definitely loved creating this asset!


Blockout: Blender

Sculpt: ZBrush

Retopology & UV Mapping: Maya

Texturing: Substance Painter

Rendering: Marmoset Toolbag 3

Process : 2D Concept / ZBrush sculpt / Maya retopology / Substance Painter texturing / Marmoset rendering

In-game inventory fake screen

Wireframe and polycount


This asset takes part in a major personal project in which I imagined the saga of Assassins' Creed during the Aztec Empire!

Based on 2D Concept by Maxime Defoulny

2D Concept VS Low Poly model VS Final Result

The challenge was to create every texture with Substance Designer!

Sketchfab model

Demon Dagger

Here is a dagger I created during my free time to practice sculpting. It's based on a charcoal drawing I did in my first year of Game Art school!

Zbrush VS Baking

Wireframe and polycount

Sketchfab model

I also enjoyed creating two different skins!

If you've come this far, thank you for watching my 3D works!!

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