My little Robot

My little Robot

Roxana Palmeri
by Roxana on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I made this render for one of my school projects. I had to create a robot in 3D by using existing references.

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I chose this 2D concept by Matt Dixon for my robot's design.

I also used these concepts from the same artist for the posing of my character, the scene, the lighting and the atmosphere I wanted to convey.

First of all, let me show you a bit of my work process.


I started from a sphere and created simple shapes. Little by little, I added details and the posing of my character. 

I needed to have a "low" and a "high" version of my robot. 

The "low" version had to be retopologized thanks to the Zremesher tool.

The "high" model didn't need and had all the details.

Then, I was able to make my Uvs on the "low" version by creating polygroups.

I could now export my "low" model on Substance Painter for the texturing and use the "high" to bake it in my maps.

The same process goes to create the room.

After texturing my model, I created my render scene and my lighting on Marmoset.

Finally, I used Photoshop for the compositing part :

Every project I work on has to make sense so I wanted to express my own feelings in this project and share it with you.

This little robot has a tragic story. 

As we can see, he's sitting on a chair by himself, in a dark room. He's also in a bad shape, surely marked by the passage of time. He looks at and caresses the chair next to him with a sad look. An object is placed on it. This is a remnant of his past. Indeed, he lost someone that was very important in his life. The darkness takes place around the little robot and his heart is bleeding. The bandage hasn't cured his pain. However, a small glimmer appears to comfort him. 

To conclude, I wanted to convey a message of hope at the end. Something like : life must go on, don't worry, you'll never be alone.

Of course, everyone will understand what they want, so I’d love to hear your interpretation of my work.

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