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A peak into my journey

A peak into my journey

Sarah Mohr
by Scarecrow on 26 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of projects I worked on during my higher education with a focus on characters, sculpting and lighting.

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The Collector

The assignment of this project was to transfer a 2d character concept into 3d with the help of Zbrush

I found this really cool concept of a shaman and since it fitted into the given theme "Fantasy" I decided to give it a shot. I learned a lot in the process, especially about how to tackle different materials and how to groom fibermesh properly. The basemeshes are modelled in 3dsMax and it´s sculpted and polypainted in Zbrush.


This project was an introduction to character creation in Zbrush

The goal was to create a bust that fits into CD Project Red´s "Cyperpunk 2077". I created the concept for the character myself and then translated it into 3d. Everything is modelled, sculpted and polypainted in Zbrush.

"Anu-Bit is a headhunter organization that is known for their scarabeus shaped drones. Different to other organizations of their kind, they don´t get hired by individuals but serve a virus whose goal is to clean humanity. They systematically spy on people with their drones to evaluate if they are good or bad - the latter leads to their discrete execution."

The Hut 

For this assignment we were given a 2d concept we had to transfer to 3d sculpt. Everything is modelled, sculpted and polypainted in Zbrush.

Comparison: On the left the original concept - On the right the render of my sculpt


The goal of this project was to create a realtime environment in Unreal Engine 5 under the theme "Ruins". 

We were allowed to use third party assets since the course focusses on lighting and composition. I decided to go for a scene at night, since I wanted to challenge myself and learn how to achieve the desired result. I learned a lot and it was fun working on it!

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