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Climb to the top of a mysterious lighthouse each day and turn on the light. Manipulate the camera in order to make obstacles, monsters disappear, and ensure your progression. Observe each floor from every angle, the key to your ascent is not always visible at first glance.

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Graduation Video Game

School: ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

A storm is coming!
Play as a lighthouse keeper who must turn on the light to guide the ships.
But the building conceals secrets, objects mysteriously disappear, and even more disturbing, the rooms change unpredictably as the weather deteriorates.


Platform: Mobile 

Engine: Unity

Number of players: 1

Genre: Puzzle game

Install instructions

1. Download the .apk file to your PC : Unsea.apk

2. Connect your smartphone to the PC via a USB cable

3. Go to the settings, then Security

4. Activate the unknown sources

5. Transfer your .apk file to your phone's disk

6. Go back to your smartphone

7. Go to a file explorer

8. Type the name of the .apk

9. Download the file to your phone

10. Enjoy!

Download the game on

Each day is a new level...


Producer: Valentin DENEAU

Gameplay Programmers: Samuel BRANGER & Kilian Nicol

2D Game Artists: Jade MAILLARD & Gaëtan Plantegenest

3D Game Artists: Rémi Bard & Jade BARBIER

Game Designers: Quentin Gauthier & Sonny Sautron & Vincent Rigaud

Game Programmers: Maxime PARANT & Theo Hagry

Music and Sound Designer: Maxence Chirade

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