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Enya´s tale: Prologue

Enya´s tale: Prologue

Esther Insua
by EstherInsua on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is the beginning of a magical tale. Come with me, let’s follow the little blue sparks between the darkness.

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Hi! I´m Esther, 2D/3D Artist from Spain, and welcome to "Enya’s tale: Prologue". This is the teaser of my master’s final project VR that I will be developing over the next year. This idea didn’t begin to take shape until a few months ago, so I struggled to organize and write down all the ideas that came to my mind to make the video. Although I’m publishing this video today, I’ll keep polishing everything, so stay tuned!

                          Making of

                                               The concept

The goal of this teaser is to introduce you to the experience so that when you play for the first time, you’ll already know the idea and the elements of the experience. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t watch the teaser, you won’t be able to enjoy the experience. It’s just a complement and an exciting one.

                                                                          First storyboard

                                                                               Final result


I looked for nordic places as references to create the environment. I´m from Galicia (Spain) so I wanted the Celtic influence and that "cold landscape" to be in my project :) I used megascans 3D models and textures for making the environment.


The stela’s design was something I discussed with my classmate and archaeologist Mario Ramírez. As with the environment, I wanted the nordic influence to be the main element so I choose to create a stela with some inscription or Celtic pictogram on it. After some discussions and designs, this was the result.


                                       Metahuman Animation

I tried to find some animation for this scene but   I used myself as a reference to make this specific animation that I wanted in the end :D


 The chosen song was no coincidence. As I said before, the idea of this project, which is beginning, arose one year and a half ago. Since this time, I had many ups and downs (as in every creative process) and while I was having one of them this song helped me to go out of the loop and I could keep developing the idea, the story... Furthermore, Paula Simón is an amazing artist, which I have the pleasure to know, and I asked her personally if I could use her song for this video. I’m so grateful, thank you, Paula :) You can listen to her here


This is the first time that I give shape to one of my ideas and it wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of my loved ones and teachers from butic The New School. Thank you for being there in moments of doubt, anxiety, and nerves. And, again, for keep being there. On the other hand, I didn't have too much time to describe the whole "making of" of this video and I'm sure that I will make another post more complete. Please, keep the flame burning and wait for the end of my master’s final project, thanks for reading! :)

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