Concept, Visual Development & Story Art - 2022

Concept, Visual Development & Story Art - 2022

Antoine Gallouin
by antoinegallouin on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello ! I'm Antoine Gallouin, an aspiring Storyboard Artist. I'm currently in my last year of study in my CGI Master Degree in ECV Bordeaux. Here is my entry for the Concept Art Category, I hope you will enjoy it !

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Hello !
Welcome to my entry for the Rookie Awards 2022 - Visual Development, Concept & Story Art !

I will guide you during this trip through my  works of these last 12 months.  Come with me !

Ok my dudes, our first category will be...

Concept Art & Illustrations 

NEW VENISE  - Concept Art 

Let's start with a work from July 2021. In order to train my photobash skills, I bought the gumroad tutorial of Dareck Zabrocki about how to render a realistic concept in less than 5 hours. 
That was really cool to start from scratch, and only work with photobash and painting over !

As you can see, my first idea was to show a huge bridge, inspired by a bridge of Bordeaux, the city I'm currently living in, but the composition was too close with another work of Dareck Zabrocki, so I quickly tried something else.

THE PATH - Concept Art

We are staying in the photobash theme with this one. During a roleplay session with my friends, the Game Master told us about a path between some big cliffs. A commercial way, used by thousands of people a month, leading to the capital of the Empire. He was so good at telling the story that I absolutely wanted to describe this path.

That was also a really good training for photobash.

Fun Fact: My friend did absolutely not see this path like that in his head. (but he liked the artwork anyway !)

"Come on dudes, you're not allowed to be afraid !" - Concept Art

We can end this photobash tryptic with this work. It is a quick concept, did in two little hours, from a composition I had in mind. This one was tricky because I'm not used to photobash big human structures. But I gave the mood I wanted, so that's a success for me ! 

The story would be the jump of a soldiers squad from a huge megaship in a futuristic world ? (Did you know that I'm a huge SF fanboy ?)

Like Bugs - Illustration 

I was, one day, in a lack of inspiration. So a friend of mine came to me and said: 

"Draw me an army, in a flower field, being chased/ fighting a giant Frog !!!" 

The destiny made that the day before, I found some illustrations of an Artist known as Ryth, who already paint this type of illustration. So he was my main inspiration for this work ! 

I had some difficulties with the frog to be honest, but I didn't have many time to work on it, so we'll stay here !
I'm really proud of the knights though. 

Hear me out folks ! We are entering the Arcane Fanart Session !
Please keep you hand inside of the vehicule !

You know, I'm not really someone special. I like movies (pretty all movies), I like food, and I also like to sleep. So it won't surprise you if I tell you that I fell in love with the Arcane Show, from the French Studio: Fortiche Prod

Inside Viktor's Mind - Illustration

The first fanart is about my favourite character of the show: Viktor. I wanted to represent his evolution through the first season, and what was going on inside his tortured head.

Here are some close up of the portraits appearing in the illustration. That was the opportunity for me to train my portraits skills.

Jinx Was Here - Illustration

This second and last fanart is dedicated to Jinx, one of the main character of the show. To be honest, that's not one of my favourite character, but most of the fanart was about Jinx because she was in the hype ! So I couldn't pass through the fame of making a fanart of her....

And so this is how our Concept Art & Illustrations part end !
Let's keep going with the second part, named....

Story Beats & Set Design

Damocles - Story Beats

I'm heading to become a Storyboard Artist. For my school, I had to create some animatics as a training. But in order to keep a clear vision of one of my boards, I made some Story beats.
The intention and graphic style were inspired by the beat boards of Zac Retz.

These beat boards led to this Storyboard Animatic.

Set Design - The Office

As for the previous works, creating Storyboards is making me train some others skills. Here is a quick Set Design I did in order to have a clean idea of the room my characters are evolving in.

This Set Design led to this following animatic.

 It was an adaptation of a short story focused on Ezreal from League of Legends, and written by Matthew Garcia-Dunn. I barely have the occasion to work on dialogs, so that was a pretty good exercise, while still having some action in the end. I tried to stick to the staging you could find on Legends of Runeterra Animation style.

"L'Atelier de l'Instant Suivant" - (The Next Moment Factory) - Short Movie 

Our last part is dedicated to my graduation movie. Since July 2021, I'm working, with 5 other members of my school, on a CGI short movie named "L'Atelier de l'Instant Suivant". 
It's the story of little robots who are basically crafting Time. 
I was in charge of the preproduction, and the entire animation. As the movie is still in production, and as we are in the concept art category, here is a sneak peak of the Factory with some vis dev works I did for the movie. 

Some set design... and Color Script (with some renders of the movie)

And some other Concepts.... I had the help of a 3D base made by my friend and classmate: Nathan Duclos

Unfortunately, we already are at the end of our trip ! (Don't say anything.... I know....)
I really hope you liked my works. I had a huge pleasure creating each of them, and can't wait to create some other, even better, pieces ! 

Thank you very much for watching, have a good time in the Rookies ! 

Antoine G.

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