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LEGO Fallout Neo Paris

LEGO Fallout Neo Paris

Augustin Emile Melchior BLOT
by AugustinBLOT on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A lonely man is struggling for his survival, hiding among the ruins of a fallen civilization, fighting looters. My film is a stopmotion brick film with 2D animated FX inspired by the hit video game Fallout. This stopmotion film took me 2 weeks to shoot.

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During the second half of the 21th century, humanity tears itself apart in multiple wars for petroleum and uranium. Those resources wars culminate on October 23rd 2077 with the “Great War”, a nuclear war destroying the world in only 2 hours. Survivors and their descendants are thereby forced to live in underground vaults and have to come up in hostile Wastelands to meet their needs.

200 years later, in 2297 A.D, humankind is still trying to survive. In Paris, people search and loot the few remaining materials and resources. But they end up killing each other for the last available goods. A vault dweller goes up to the surface and wanders in wastelands. He tries to survive until the day he’s hired by a small community willing rebuild a civilization based on solidarity.


Being autistic, my passions can have a major importance in my life. I'm an huge fan of LEGO bricks and I really wanted to do animated movies with it. I took my inspiration from the Fallout game edited by Bethesda Softworks. I've also searched references on websites such as



I've first quickly sketched the backgrounds and used a 3D software to prepare everything before building the sets.

Animated 2D FX

I've used Adobe Animate to do the firing effects and the final compositing. While shooting my frame by frame brick animation, I've used small leds to have more realistic reflections. Everything was later composited.

Logo & Props

Previous stopmotion LEGO animations

My Portfolio

Young Percival
Artline's bachelor graduation project about the early life of the round table knight Sir Percival taken from a famous French TV comedy show "Kaamelott"

Concept arts & 3D Renders

Animated 2D FX

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