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My journey so far -Gwyneth N. Skehan

My journey so far -Gwyneth N. Skehan

Gwyneth Niamh Skehan
by GrizzlyGwen on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Video games have always been a focus of my life, and becoming capable in this medium has been an eye-opening experience. Please enjoy some of the pieces that I have worked on at Gnomon.

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Basilisk Brazier from Game of Thrones


I stumbled across this amazing concept done by Peter Mckinstry in the Game of Thrones Art book. The brazier would be the centerpiece of Maggy the Frog’s hut, the witch who lived in the woods near Casterly Rock.

Low and High

Tris: 76615

Zbrush-Maya-Substance Painter-Marmoset ToolBag-Unreal Engine 5-Megascans-Quickel Mixer

Moonlight Greatsword from DarkSouls 2


I have always been a big fan of FromSoftware games, particularly the SoulsBorne games. When the opportunity arose, I could not resist re-mastering one of the most iconic weapons in the series.

Maya-Unreal Engine 4-Zbrush-Substance Designer-Substance Painter

Forgotten Workbench


Forgotten Workbench is an interior environment heavily inspired by The Last of Us, an experience that fostered my interest in game art as a career.

Maya-Substance Painter-Megascans

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