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To be continued...

To be continued...

Prince Phi Hung Nguyen
by PrinceNguyen on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These projects are a selection of my work from my first year of architectural visualizations.

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To be continued...

Most things start with the beginning. Though sometimes, they start from the end. The path to the destination forms from an initial, vague idea. I started my journey in architectural visualization after several years in other fields. From my military career I learned discipline and endurance and through my general enjoyment of arts and crafts, I found my way into architecture school. In visualization I discovered self-expression in creating the unbuild ideas in my head. I know this is only the beginning – as in the creation of the unbuild: if I can imagine the goal, I can reach it.

I hope you will enjoy my creations. 


This project was my master thesis in architecture school. I continued working on the model to improve my visualization skills and to achieve the atmosphere, that I had imagined when I made the project. My goal was to capture the mood at various times a day - from morning to night – and how the building interacted differently with the light. 

A Nordic approach to a Japanese house

By exploring an existing project – Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura – I focused on evolving my skills in interior visualization. I found inspiration in the existing project’s interior, but took a Nordic approach to the furnishing using my own vision for the atmosphere and feel of the house. The technical focus was material properties and camera framing while the atmospheric focus was the contrast and connection between inside and outside.

The project is inspired by:

Optical Glass House by architect Hiroshi Nakamura.

Photo inspiration from Koji Fuji/Nacsa & Partners Inc.

Artworks in scene by: Marina Abramović and Alberto Giacometti 

Sustainable Retreat

In this project the focus was to create a cabin linked to its surroundings through materials and scale. The consistent use of wood materials inside and outside of the cabin, enhances the feeling of being in nature through the human senses – by smelling and touching the wood. I put a lot of effort into my work with materials and textures to achieve a realistic wood surface.  

Interior: Composition 1

In this shot, my goal was to create a photorealistic image, focusing on the furnishing and the colour scheme of the interior. I have intentionally worked with geometry as a theme in the choice of furniture to create a harmonious look, while adding dynamics using contrasting colours.

Artwork in scene by: Ida Holm  

Very Peri

And for the final palate cleanser…

Using PANTONE’s energetic and enthusiastic Colour of the Year, Very Peri, I made a fun and colourful kitchen. This project contrasts my usual gravitation towards natural colour schemes and challenged myself to think differently and explore new ideas.

Artwork in scene by: Ida Holm

I hope you liked my work, and thanks for the opportunity!

Note: Most assets are downloaded models, but I have tweaked all materials and textures

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