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Sniper Devil

Sniper Devil

Ayana Sawada
by ayanasawada on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm very excited to share my Real-Time character art done during my advanced term final project at Think Tank Online. Please find the amazing art done by Dave Arredondo. I hope you enjoy!!

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This is the final submission to the Advanced Term at Think Tank Online. It was a great experience and opportunity to learn about Real-time character creation. And, I'm very fortunate to learn new software and techniques that have improved my workflow immensely. Big thanks go to my supervisor Frédéric Arsenault! 

Break Down :

I used Zbrush to create a High-poly model.

Substance designer was the sole tool I used to create the pattern on the skirt and cape. I exported the height map from Substance Designer and used it as height displacement in the ZBrush to give the high poly model some depth.

Topology and Texture Sets

I choose to separate my character into 3 separate files. It helped me to manage the texturing process with ease. Thanks to Substance Painter my texturing approach is very simple and straightforward. I primarily stuck with the procedural approach as much as possible and later on, I broke the procedural patterns by adding some strokes manually. 

I used Blender hair tool for baking hair maps and I used 3 cards to get 1 full hair card set. For the flyaway hair, I used 2 or 1 card instead. These hair card sets will make more depth and avoid creating a flat hairstyle.

Posing was done in Maya, I use the quick rig tool to get the desired result. It was very fun to explore different poses. My aim was to find the pose that will compliment the character's personality and also help in the storytelling.

Marmoset Toolbag is amazing software. I used it to create a turntable and my final renders.

Thank you!

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