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Wasteland Mystic

Wasteland Mystic

by Mothimistic on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Winters wanders the vast wasteland of the old world, scavenging items and trinkets that can be traded or used.

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Wasteland Mystic

"Bizarre, reclusive wizard type character who haunts a distant post apocalyptic wasteland."

A character design I created while taking the course "Concept Art, Character Design" by Hardy Fowler. In the course Hardy gave a set of guidelines to create a character with; this was my design for the wasteland mystic.

More specifically, Hardy wanted the character design to be of a male of indeterminate age. The man should look weathered due to the harsh environment and his gear and staff should have elements of scavenged and cobbled together items; the mans face and eyes should be covered.

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