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Nicolás Mejía
by bavaxu on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I am Nico, am 23 Years old and since i was a little kid it has always been a dream to work in this industry. I have been learning 3D and VFX in PIXL VISN, and i can just not wait for my first job in the industry! Here is my Rookies entry and i hope you like it! Feedback is also really appreciated.

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« Throughout the ages, gods are vanishing, and Thor must unravel the gruesome mystery of Gorr the God Butcher! » -Marvel comics

Since the day Jason Aaron started writing Thor, god of thunder in 2012 I was completely in love with the narrative style he was using to tell the adventure of this Avenger. One of the best add-ons he made to the marvel universe was the character known as Gorr, the god butcher. He instantly became my favorite comic book character, his origin story, the power he showed in every frame, and also how he expanded the Marvel Lore even more with his connection to the simbionts and Knull, The king in Black.  

In 2013, the readers finally saw the fight between Gorr and Thor, which in my opinion was one of the best events in comic history and as any artistic kid my age I created drawings to show my parents how epic this comic was for me! At that time I didn't had any idea about CG and 3D modelling. Drawing and traditional sculpting was everything I knew and I swear, everything I wanted was to sculpt this scene and finally say, I did it!

Today, after 10 Years I can say, I did it!


« I choose to run towards my problems, and not away from them because that's what heroes do. »   -Thor

During the process of this project I learned so much about time managment and how to use feedback constructively to make my renders better.

I did most of the pipeline in Zbrush. From sculpting to hardsurface modelling, polypainting, retopology and UV mapping, obviously I decided to make my renders in maya with Redshift as my main render engine. This time I gave myself the chance to use new software like ZWRAP, this tool made my workflow way easier and gave me the results I was looking for with my mesh. Grooming was made with Xgen Interactive because I feel more freedom with the comb brush and modifiers.


This little diorama of Gorr was thought originally as a 3D Printing project, but I saw more potential in it and decided to retopologize some things with ZWRAP and polypaint it in Zbrush. I think in the end I am pretty happy with the final result.

For the symbiont, I experimented to achieve a mix between the one we have seen in the  Venom movies and some sort of 3d printing ready mesh. The shading of this part was really painful, since subsurface scattering doesn't react that well to dark surfaces, in the end I had to mix some AOVs to get that shiny and wet look.

Here you can see some of the early concepts for Gorr, obviously I took a lot of inspiration of the Jason Aaron comics, showing him more as a buffy and dangerous guy!

Sculpting has always been my happy place, I used to take some clay from school and created some characters or creatures. I never thought CG and 3D could be a career opportunity for me because it always looked like something only really talented people could do, but now I see, everything is achievable if you put your energy and focus into it. If someone would ask me where I would like to work as modeller, my answer would probably be Sideshow Collectibles! So I can follow the path of my sculpting heroes like Daniel Bel.

With this I just can say I am pretty happy with my final result, doing these two characters for the last month was really a challenge but the feeling of progress kept me awake during the night.


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