by Samdower1 on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

While the automotive industry is moving towards all-electric streets, the marine industry is following their steps by moving towards all-electric waters. The Boston Whaler Cherok-E is part of a new generation of boats that puts sustainability first – powered by a lithium-iron Torqeedo BMW i3 battery and solar panels.

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We live in an ever-growing world with ever-growing pollution of underwater spaces and marine life. It is time for the marine industry to step up to help preserve marine life and save our oceans. Electric boats are the future – but our goal was not only to enter the electric boat market but also to create an affordable boating experience to first-time boat buyers. This design is both minimalistic and fully storable in average-sized home garages. The retractable swim platform shortens the 20ft cruiser to 18ft. 

Inspired by Boston Whaler, we decided to keep the company’s design language, which is visible in the Boston Whaler smirk line as well as the iconic share line from the bow to the stern. The timeless and organic feel fits the friendly and inviting approach to form.

The Cherok-E’s design is gender-neutral, which is a rarity in the marine industry. With this design, Boston Whaler is making a difference not only on the boating market but also for their target users. While the marine industry’s design is heavily influenced by “male” attributes of strength and assertion, the Cherok-E features a more friendly and inviting design.

The Cherok-E’s interior seating is inspired by Boston Whaler’s signature luxury finishes. The perforated material is both breathable and suitable for water adventures. The rounded and soft edges of the interior give the Cherok-E an inviting feel.

The central hue of the color palette of the Cherok-E is Boston Whaler’s iconic white. With this project, we wanted to achieve maximum innovation – all the while keeping Boston Whaler’s heritage design. 

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