Concept Art Collection 2022

Concept Art Collection 2022

Kiara Leneuf
by kiaraleneuf on 22 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Kiara, I'm 22, and after 2 years of mainly studying 3D, I was lucky enough to get into the concept art program of my school, New3dge Concept Art ! The following projects represents most of the artworks I produced the past 9 months at school, not in a chronological order.

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Agostococo is a worldbuilding project I did during Paul Riebe's class. The only constraint we had was to create a main building on platforms. The whole lore is also based on my friend and classmate Nathan Agostini. 

Mystery Weather

Mystery Weather is a place that offers weather forecasting services by using frogs. It was the first project of the year, and I did it without any 3D to work on my fundamentals. 

The Great Bear Shrine

During Simon Kopp's class, I had to create a holy shrine then work on its defaced version, as if the place has been forgotten, and has lost its holiness and importance throughout the years.

Holy version

Defaced version

The Fortress of Isma Fihra

It was a similar exercise than the previous one, I had to create a fortress then destroy it, this time with Max Schiller as an instructor. 

Flying-fish City

During Ivan Laliashvili's class, I had to create a big overview of a city, and it was definitely challenging. I was very inspired by the fictional cities of Naboo and Piltover for that one. 

Flower Hotel

Here's a background painting I did during George Varodi's class, where we had to mix together bizarre mechanical objects with realistic environments, to create something new and interesting. 

A path on the coast 

"A path on the coast" is a mood painting project I did during Etienne Hebinger's class, where I had to work on different moods but on the same scene. I also included some explorations for the characters so we can see them better. 


The two following keyframe projects were made in groups and are in very opposite styles. It was an amazing experience to work in a team (from 7  to 5 people) and to explore different kinds of styles.  By sharing our knowledge and 3D assets, by creating the story all together, it allowed us to get faster ! 

The Hunt

For Jama Jurabaev's class, I've teamed up with the amazing Romane Treluyer, Sara Hermellin, Nathan Agostini, Antoine Gadoud and Baptiste Guérin. We had to create several keyframes of two hunt scenes, here's what I've done.

Playtime Adventure

For Jason Horley's class, I've teamed up with the incredible Noah Hamilton, Anne Fichet, Nathan Agostini and Antoine Gadoud, in order to give life to Noah's project : A little kid is imagining an incredible adventure with the toys and furnitures in the surroundings. I made 3 keyframes : 



During my last week of school, with Christophe Young as an instructor, we did some study-to-concept exercises in order to train ourselves to take inspiration of references and create something new. 

Sacrikit and Lazygun

In a dystopian cruel world, where extreme violence and killing is present in people's life since a very young age, some companies are selling questionable kids product... During this class with Wouter Gort, I was trying to integrate ancient civilization's shape language to a more sci-fi universe, as well as trying to imagine what some people from the Aztec civilization could have created if they were still here and if they were continuing sacrificing people with more modern/futuristic tools.

Sci-fi Props / Diorama

Here is a small collection of sci-fi props and dioramas I did for Joe Gloria's class.


Medieval Guilds

In a kingdom where everybody seems to have a strong personality, the King is surronded by individuals divided in different guilds, which are all serving him, for better or for worse, even though most of them care more about their own being than anyone else. So I had to create 3 characters from different guilds, during Boell Oyino's class.


Here are some sketches I've done for a D&D character for school ! 


Here's my final project of my entry ! I had to create 3 different animal characters, a brigand, a fisher and a religious figure, while working on animal symbolism in our society. 

And that's it ! I had a ton of fun this past year, and I hope you've enjoyed my entry! Thanks for watching and see you next year ! 

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