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Gravity Wizard and Personal Work

Gravity Wizard and Personal Work

Harry Cray-Stanton
by Solk on 19 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a small entry, consisting of a small design brief i made myself specifically for the rookies, to create a Gravity Wizard. As well as some of my recent personal illustrations and university work to show the range of some of my work.

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Rookies Specific Project

I wanted to do a quick design to be specifically for the Rookies challenge.
I decided to create a Gravity Wizard because I think it's something that is used less within fantasy and I think it has a lot of interesting features you can play around with and also alot of rules that you can break with the lack of limitations put on a design, that a character that deals with gravity normally might face.

I didn't do a lot of silhouette work but I made sure that each silhouette had merit and wasn't drawn carelessly, I think in the past this has been an issue for me and I wanted to get past this rushed use of the step. Then following the silhoutte work I played around with ideas I found interesting as well as combining different elements of designs to see what I could create and see what fit best for the kind of magic user I was aiming for.

For colour Iterations I decided to play around with hue, saturation and brightness sliders so that I could explore some interesting and strange possibilities for the colour scheme of the character.
I also wanted this design to have some very vibrant colours on their design because I am prone to creating dark and desaturated colour schemes and I wanted to break out of this habit by having high contrast and saturation design.

This is the final illustration of the wizard. If I had more time to dedicate to this work I would have also liked to have done a more refined illustraiton perhaps with a background, maybe showing some of their abilities, but I was very pleased with this outcome for the time I had assigned myself to work on this.

Extra Personal Work

These were some designs I created for a body horror inspired science fiction / Cyberpunk distopia for my university project, I was really pleased with these outcomes and I think these are the best model sheets / turnarounds I've created.

These are illustrations I've made for myself and my friends within our dnd group, I found it really rewarding to work to my friends briefs and descriptions of their characters appearances so that I could create a piece of art for them to improve our fun and immersion within the game.

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