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First steps 2.0

First steps 2.0

Maria Jose Abellan Tejero
by mjabellan on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Work done during the past year at School-ing. New and re-edited images with new knowledge.

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These first renders are based on INT2 Architecture's interior design project, Interior SVK.

The apartment is located in a historic mansion from the early 20th century overlooking one of the oldest streets in Moscow.

Although at the base I adopted the same geometry, color and material changes were made in it to test different possibilities when creating spaces that convey different sensations.


These images are based on a coffee shop located in Vietnam called Okkio Caffe, project design by Red5Studio.

As they describe, Okkio Caffe is a chain of coffee shops that has 2 branches in the market. With the purpose of making the difference but still keeping the spirit of youth, their design team has chosen red for the building - the color will not only identify the brand but also bring out the retro-spirit that the construction is aimed at.

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