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Beginning Journey - Ally Teo Pei Wen - 2022

Beginning Journey - Ally Teo Pei Wen - 2022

Ally Teo Pei Wen
by AllyTpw on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My head has full of imaginations .I've always wanted my imaginations to come true. Then I get in touch with movies. They make me feel alive. I wanted to bring my imagination world into live just like they did ! And so i begin my journey as a concept artist

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Hello, People called me Ally !:D I am a concept artist graduated from The One Academy Malaysia. I like to do Environment and Props concept art. I am also interested in doing color thumbs as i can explore different mood and feeling using interesting color combination! I would also like to try out different style and direction in the future !

My art was always inspired by a lot of cool movies and games mostly inspired by movies ! I would really likes to work in the movie or game industry to explore more posibilities of myself ! Welcome to be my friend ! :D

                                                                            JOURNEY BEGINS

O R I U S 

A project about Orius the Queen Guardian of Ozin is having a war with a character called Azazul to prevent a strong power source named 'Ozin' from falling into the wrong hands.

                                                                                   - PROCESS -

                        I had so much fun exploring and design the flows of the magic effect !


This character indeed was a challenge for me in my IP as you can tell in my early sketch concept she is a human like alien species with horns because I wanted her to looks like alpha of her kind. Surprisingly during the process, I found out instead of using horns, collar of the clothing could be a good idea to symbolized leader as this character was inspired by king cobra snake !


The antagonist that has a evil revenge heart that wants to have the power of Ozin to take revenge against the world as he is a character that banished by it's own kind.

                                                                              - E N D -


Crepusculum is set in a Steampunk-Fantasy world where there lives a magical myth creature called 'Faun' living deep in the woods and humans with advanced technology and weapons.

There lives two levels of humans which is the higher ups with advance technology called The Greedians and civilians that lives in the woods. The Greedians explored that Faun's horn could be the perfect elements for their advanced weapons. Thus, they begin hunting mercilessly .....

                                           - CONCEPT ARTS -

                                                                                  Most Favorite !!

                                            The Greedian Airship


                                   Crepusculum is my very first group project during collage

Greedian Airship is my  favorite and the most challenging one through out this project . I had learn a lot of new technique and ways to make my art more realistic. I enjoy and
                                                                        satisfy with the result. 
                                                           HOPE YA'ALL ENJOY SOO FAR !! :D

                                                          KEY ART

                                                                       PROMOTIONAL ART 

                                                                                      - E N D -

                                                Quintus Valley 

                                A Scifi-Fantasy castle that located on a waterfall in Quintus Valley.


                                                                                 - E N D -

                                        PLANET ORDURES 

                                                                  A trash dystopian planet  

                                Interior Trash Research Lab

Ever imagine what would happen in the future if humans keep making trash everyday?

                                                                                   - E N D -



This is the end of my portfolio journey BUT this is also the beginning of my journey as an concept artist !

Talk a bit about my working progress. I always start a concept with imaginations and come out with a story, with the knowledge based on the movies I watched and the game character I played. I begin sketching out a rough idea and that is how most of my project come into being !

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