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Wouter Devos Animation 2022

Wouter Devos Animation 2022

Wouter Devos
by vos on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This entry shows my animation work of 2022 up till now.

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This concludes some of my work this past semester at Digital Arts and Entertainment.

Shot 01

For this animation i found an audioclip from Empire Of the Sun and immediately knew what i wanted to do. I wanted to showcase a shot inside the imagination of the child character, where he is living his wildest dream of flying with a P-51 Mustang. It took me some time to try and elevate the first shot by learning how to create clouds but i am quite happy with how it turned out in the end. 

Quick ideation storyboard

First tests

Cloud testing

Shot asset Credits:

-Dawn rig by ''
-P-51 Mustang model by 'Pickashoe' on CGTrader
-Bedroom asset by 'Sofia Gariazzo' and 'Rodrigo Lopez'

Shot 02

This was my first time animating a quadruped animal. I had to create a walk cycle, and work on my analysis skills on references and do alot of overall research on how horses move and behave.

As an extra i decided to have a look at the capabilities of Unreal Engine for my animation workflow. This allowed me to quickly create a good looking scene and iterate alot more on my renders without losing too much precious animation time.

Shot 03

For this animation i wanted to go further with quadruped animation and try some more difficult things. For this i also wanted to push my style more towards a cartoony feel and break the normal anatomy of my character.

Shot 02 and Shot 03 asset Credits:

-Gorgeous George rig by 'Dmitrii Kolpakov'
-Forest Scenery Assets by 'Satendra Saraswat'

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