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Environment demo reel - Belcastel

Environment demo reel - Belcastel

Minsol Jo
by sol on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a 3d demo reel based on a village called Belcastel that exists in France. The whole village landscape was created to harmonize with nature.

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This is a 3D environment demo reel based on a village called Belcastel in France.

I've made all the environmental backgrounds 3D. Inspired by the attractive parts of the landscape, I created an environment demo reel. I was thinking about what kind of environment to make. I have never been there, but the village in France is so beautiful that I made it as a reference.

The background is a composition of moving images of the sky using nukes.

The part I paid the most attention to was the texture. Since many scenes are shown in the distance, I worked that the texture does not look like a pattern when viewed from a distance. I spent a lot of time studying.

I thought a lot about how to express the roof. The file was too heavy to make every single small piece of the roof, and it was unrealistic to express it with only textures on the roof. So I decided to use mash. I was able to express the roof the way I wanted without making the pile heavy.

Also, I expressed water using Boss in Maya.

These are the photos I referenced to create the mood and details of the scene and to compose the camera.

Thank you for watching :)

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