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Character Art Collection - Anthony Lacour

Character Art Collection - Anthony Lacour

Anthony Lacour
by Nagi on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

"Kaede" is a midterm exam made at Game Academy in 4 weeks. Otoroshi and Iki were created for the last class project named "The Dark Ascent". Otoroshi it's the first NPC you encounter in the game. He's the gate keeper, which will open you to the rest of the world. Iki it's the second NPC that players will have to save.

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Ghost Of Tsushima - Kaede

Kaede guards Tadayori's Rest for an unknown period of time, killing those who trespass and dishonor her ancestor's legacy.

The Dark Ascent

The Dark Ascent is a technical demonstration made in 6 weeks with my section at Game Academy.

My job in this project was to do the NPC of the game and that's the result !


First NPC of the game, Otoroshi is the gate keeper of Jogaku's lands. You have to make his quest and then he will open you the gates.

Concept / Sculpt / Retopo / UVs / Textures / Rig / Skin / Animation made in 4 weeks.

"The only rule of this world is Survive !" 


Second NPC of the game who need to be saved by the players until the time is out for her.

Iki is a traveler and deliver of severals messages to his master. Nobody know's who is it ! Maybe you should find him during your ascent in our world ? 

Concept / Sculpt / Retopo / UVs / Textures / Rig / Skin / Animation made in 1 week.

Special Thanks to all my mates for this last project at Game Academy !  

Thank to all the teaching staff for these three years spent together.

I'll never forget you !

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