Ezra BOHM - Concept Art 2022

Ezra BOHM - Concept Art 2022

ezra bohm
by sulfxxr on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Ezra, I'm a french student based in Lyon. I'm glad to present you some works I made during my last year at Bellecour School (:

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Having lost his memory after the battle against heaven, Lucifer wanders through the underworld in search of his identity, while having the objective of going to Eden to discover the truth and accomplish his quest for revenge.

Morning Star is a personal project I've worked on for my final year at Bellecour Ecole.

It is an RPG-type video game in a semi-open world, with a gothic/medieval universe, and is intended for an adult audience.
The story is loosely based on the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton.

Through Morning Star, we embody a character waking up in the heart of pandemonium, the infernal capital, whose memories have largely disappeared. Lost, we just know that we have to reach Eden, without knowing exactly for what exact reasons; but this garden is the character's only conviction.
We go in search of knowledge and solutions to reach paradise while trying to understand who we are, where we are, and how to get out of hell.
As the story and the player progress, we discover the vestiges of an ancient and mythical war:  the Rebellion of the angels against Heaven of which we are the main investigator, we are responsible for this war, we are the most beautiful of angels, the morning star: Lucifer.
Our desire to reach paradise will bring the player to multiple revelations impacting his gameplay as he approaches paradise. Appearances will fade little by little, giving way to the moral fall of the main character as he reconnects with his former companions, like the ruthless Beelzebuth.

Our identity will be revealed when entering the forbidden garden, at the foot of the tree of knowledge, by the words of the angel Mikhael that we will have to fight, and above all, lose to him.

Morning Star - Lucifer
The great fallen angel, ruler of the underworld who disappeared after falling into the lakes of flame; blinded by his anger and driven by a powerful desire for revenge.

After his fall, the leader of the rebellion loses the power of the morning star and is reduced to the appearance of a simple warrior clad in armor.

As the player progresses through the story, our hero regains both his identity and his original power.

Morning Star - Beelzebuth 
Emperor of the flies and fallen angel, he reigns over hell in the absence of lucifer and only wishes to extend his kingdom on earth.

Morning Star - Saint Mikhael
The great dragon slayer, the angel protects Eden from external forces, he is the right arm of god and his most loyal warrior.

Fallen angels, researchs.

The pandaemonium is located on the edge of the Styx, facilitating trade and circulation between the different regions of hell. Its architecture is chaotic, where towers, roofs, bridges, etc are entangled together. 

Morning Star - Hell
It's an immense region, at the bottom of the abyss dug by the fall of the angels, it is surrounded by a ring of rock. Between hell and the gate of Eden lies nothingness, where we only have the guardians of the gate: death and her mother.

Morning Star - the Pandaemonium
The infernal capital, where the souls and the damned try to live. The capital is the symbol of the failure of the rebellion: the stench of the Styx permeates the towers, which desperately try to rise towards the sky.

Assets modeled on blender from 2d concepts made on photoshop.

WIP of a key art. 

Here I'll show you a sample of different work and artistic styles I've accomplished during my bachelor.

Personal exercise where I redesigned some characters of Bloodborne in a cartoon way. 

INTI is a 3D animation short movie on wich I worked as character and environment concept artist in collaboration with the 3D Animation department of Bellecour Ecole.

Thanks for watching ! 

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