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Game Animation

Game Animation

Winston Ng Wee Seng
by winstonngws on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Animation works done during the 1-year Game Art Diploma at 3dsense Media School

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This demo reel is an amalgamation of all of my works over the pass year on my journey as an animator at 3dsense. It ranges from all kinds of animation and rigs inteded for use in both games and cinematics. 

The creation of this demo reel would not be possible without the amazing help and feedback from both my peers and lecturer.

This demo reel contains my parkour animation, walk - run & idle animations. A character combo attack, some animations involving creatures and animals & and a monologue animation - involving both facial acting and lip syncing.

Animation Progression Reel

This progression reel features an animated shot involving acting & lip syncing. One of the biggest struggles I faced early on was finding the right reference for this animated short. I was supposed to take a line or dialogue and completely animate a new twist and context out of the source material. This is so that we can create a brand new scene out of the already taken material and not just reanimate the exact same thing from the show or movie we took from. For this, I took an excerpt from one of my favourite series of all time - House of Cards. The reason why I took this scene was because of the stellar performance Kevin Spacey as done and as a huge fan of his acting before his controversies came to light - I knew I had to use him as a reference. In this animated scene, I envisioned a CEO being drawn into a conference meeting with his top board members after a major scandal has came into light with his company. He justifies why he kept a photograph involving his father conducting slave labour, leading to it's leak to the public - claiming it's because his father was "fighting to survive".

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