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Unrelated characters-concept art

Unrelated characters-concept art

Ivan Lopez Gonzalez
by IvanLG on 10 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hiii, This is some of my latest work where you will find a bunch of different character designs such as a ''plasma cyborg'' or ''light stone golems''. I hope you enjoy this proyect :>

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On this project i will show some of my latest character designs from various and unrelated topics

First i will start with The ink demon lord, Blaek

i will start with The ink demon lord

Now we will continue with Noctys and Palm, 2 magical admirals on the army of their world

This was some of my thought process when fisrst creating the character

Also thought that some explorations on her emotions and her actual power would be good to show how the character was

But since she is such a powerful girl and she has no parents  i though i would need something to give coherence to her in her world so i decided to create Palm

Next we got The Colector, based on a magical knight aesthetic

Also wanted to share some sci-fi concepts

And last but not least i would like to finish with some light and stone golem concepts

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