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Visual Effects

Visual Effects

by chongjiaqi on 10 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hospitality Design

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To design a future hotel design for The Capitol Hotel Kuala Lumpur under Federal.

The Capitol Hotel is a 20-storey hotel project located on Bukit Bintang road, one of the well known shopping district in KL. Therefore, the people there are very pack, the pollution there also bad due to the amount of cars and there is lack of greens.

To save earth, I decide to integrate the existing hotel to be an Eco Sustainable Hotel. As a result, the main concept is derived from Sustainability, which is the main design proposal to overcome this Global Warming issue.

When guest first enter the hotel will have a indoor courtyard with the customise seatings and nature surrounding. The pathway also allow guest wandering around while enjoying nature scene.

Lounge / Reception

The swimming pool visually integrates with the boundless view, presenting people a natural experience of swimming freely above the buildings.

Typical Bedroom

Club bedroom

The overall mood of the space is full of natural simplicity. For material used, wood is selected as the main material to make the space warm and natural.

Bar Area / Rooftop

Presentation Board

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