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Mummy Roll

Mummy Roll

by DaveCharlton on 8 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Escape lockdown! Stockpile toilet paper to survive! …sound familiar? Ro-Lo Tep wants to get out and party. Help him escape his tomb. Mummy Roll is a physics based puzzle game. Its free to play and available for iOS on the AppStore:

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Mummy Roll was published on the AppStore in May 2022 for iOS. It was built in in Unreal Engine. I was responsible for all aspects of Mummy Roll, including 3D character modelling, rigging, animating, baking, re-topology, texturing, lighting, level design, UI, particle effects, programming and world building.

Mummy Roll is a physics based puzzle game. Your objective is to escape from the pyramid.

Falling over will cause Ro-Lo Tep to switch into rolling mode, but you can still steer him. 

Rolling is faster than walking and lets you use ramps, smash through cracked walls, or roll under smaller openings, but take care...

...because rolling also causes Ro-Lo Tep to unravel and get smaller.

If you unravel too much all that will be left is dust and bone.

Collecting rolls of toilet paper will wrap Ro-Lo Tep back up.

You can also dress Ro-Lo Tep up as Elvis, for no apparent reason.

Marble blocks can be pushed.

Gold statues can be picked up.

Be sure to avoid pressure plate traps...

...and giant dung balls!

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