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FX  Reel - Sahil Oswal

FX Reel - Sahil Oswal

by sahiloswal on 3 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

All my personal RNDs that I did in the past year. Particles | Pyro | Smoke | RBD | Magic | Terrain From building custom HDA to writing Custom Solvers and Shaders, I've learned a lot and yet a long way to go :) Softwares Used: Houdini & Nuke

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Strong arts and design professional with a Diploma focused in 3D Animation & Visual Effects.

FX Artist with a creative and professional approach to complex shots including Flip, Vellum, Procedural Modeling, Pyro, Particles, Terrain, Magic FX & Destruction Simulations. Thorough Knowledge of VEX & always curious to know & learn more.

This Reel comprises all my personal work and RND(WIP) that I did in my spare time over the last year.

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