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Realistic Game Art Collection

Realistic Game Art Collection

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 26 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A Collection of realistic props and environments made during 2021-2022. Check out my socials at:

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Hello! My name is Michalina Gąsienica- Laskowy, mostly known as Miszla and I'm a polish student in Howest DAE, Belgium. Here is a collection of renders and models I did over the past year.

Realistic Props

Part of my curriculum was focused on creating assets. I never knew how much time and effort can go into an individual prop before. I've pushed myself to experiment with multiple workflows.

The Bar Clamp

It was my first attempt at creating detailed hero props. Since it was a first small project I really like looking back at it to see progress over only a few months. I learned how to use anchor points which came very useful in my future projects. I never knew spending so much time on such a small prop is even possible, but it made me realize how much time must be put in order to create something convincing.

The Spyglasses

When I came over an image of those I was really excited about all the wear and tear I could include. I was really scared at first of the textures being too monotonous since it's all built out of one material and it took me a lot of time to get it right. Thanks to an abundance of reference it was easy to find little details I could add.

The Baguette-Pack

So far, all my projects have been based on real-life objects. For this one, I choose a concept instead to challenge myself and practice my ability to interpret shapes and textures.

The baguette itself I decided to photoscan. It was my first time making an actual game-ready asset out of a photoscanned data and it was a really fun challenge. It required a lot of by-hand fixing since the photos themselves were taken in very poor conditions, but I had a great time going around those limitations.

Jaskier's Camp

The diorama consists of 5 props sculpted in Zbrush. My goal was to make a little camp that could belong to one of the characters from the Witcher franchise. I decided to go for a semi-realistic style. I'm happy with the result and I will soon turn those into a full real-time assets.

Real-time environments

A big chunk of this year was learning how to create realistic environments in Unreal Engine 5. It was my first time creating them in real-time technology and it was way more fun than I could ever imagine. My final project is still in progress so I hope I will post it soon!

The Cemetery

The power of Lumen, Nanite, and Megascans blew my mind and open a totally new doors. In order to create a convincingly looking snow on graves and the statue, I used a mesh generated in Houdini.

Start of the Apocalypse

The goal of this assignment was to create a real-time archviz using Unreal Engine 5. So far I was always following a concept, so I decided to take a generic wood cabin and add some interest and story myself. Since most modern interiors aim to be minimalistic my biggest challenge was to make the viewer ask questions without cluttering the scene with assets. For the bed and the window sheet, I used Marvelous Designer.

Syrena 105

Last but not least, I wanted to include an honorable mention. It's a fully sub-d modeled car rendered in Arnold I did a year ago. It was one of the most engaging projects I worked on the previous year and I still love how it turned out!

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