Daniel Garcia M. - 3D Environment/Hard Surface Art 2021-2022

Daniel Garcia M. - 3D Environment/Hard Surface Art 2021-2022

Daniel García Martínez
by danielgarciam3d on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this entry I showcase some of the work I've done over the span of the last year. I love to work on complex structures with a lot of interlocking pieces, always striving for a realistic final look.

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Engineering Deck - Industrial Sci-Fi Interior

I worked on this environment over the span of 5-6 weeks in late 2021. Kitbash and props were modeled in 3Ds Max and ZBrush and textured with Substance Suite. Photoshop was used as well. The scene was composed and illuminated in Unreal Engine 4. All aspects were done by me, including set-dressing and lighting. I took great inspiration from Visceral Games' Dead Space and the work of Henri Patrier.

The objective was to create a small interior in a horror sci-fi setting for a VR game. The player would stand in the central room and from 3 corridors they'd be attacked by various monsters that would come crawling from the dark. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this environment, as I love the style and theme we had to adhere to.


Aethite Vulcan X-896 - VR Hand Design

I had to create a hand model for a VR game at class. Project requirements were quite strict so I textured it with just 1 single ID material (2K). I had to be quite precise with my UV work to get the most of the resolution in-game. Modeled on 3Ds Max with a few final tweaks on ZBrush. Bakes and texturing were done on Substance 3D Painter.

I wanted to create a really clean although realistic look and use the opportunity to practice my hard-surface skills. I created a brand and its logo/labels to incorporate into the design as well. I loved working on this piece; it really increased my interest on hard-surface techniques.


Nannar Main Temple - Interior Throne Room (WIP)

In this project I worked with my whole class in order to create a city environment based on the idea of the ancient astronaut in the Summerian culture with an aesthetic influence from Dune. My work was mostly on the Main Temple/Palace seen in the higher part of the city. I designed and executed it all myself (with the exception of the different statues that adorn the outside of the temple). I based the design on a sci-fi reinterpretation of the Ziggurat and I constructed it so as to allow more rooms to be built inside to create a pathing for the playable demo.

I also worked on the first room you see when entering. Its architecture is finely connected with the outside of the temple and allows for light to get in from various openings. I created multiple materials in Substance Designer to texture the whole building and worked on a couple of prop sets to dress the architecture. Chests, tables and benches are not mine.

The project is still ongoing and has not been finished yet, so some things seen here may change in the following weeks.

The second to last row shows how the temple interconnects with the architecture from other parts of the city.

The last row of images are views of the Temple from other parts of the map. They follow the path of the player through the level.

Interior Showcase


Design Process. Worked drawing on Photoshop and blocking out forms on 3Ds Max.

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