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Concept Design & Illustration

Concept Design & Illustration

Phua Min Yi
by phuaminyi on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Works completed during the 1-year diploma in Concept Design & Illustration at 3dsense Media School

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Character Design

Character Story Breakdown
Character Name: Luna
Archetypal Character(s): Anti Hero
Theme(s): Revenge, Sibling fight
Starting Stereotypes (if applicable): inferiority complex

Sequential Cycle 1
Long ago, in ancient times, A powerful Solaris "Lucifron" rebelled against His own kind for the sake of his loved one who is the exact opposite faction, Lunaris. With his sword, he shut both worlds off from on-going wars, Both the power of moon and the sun has been sealed, Ever since then it was peaceful.

he had a wonderful Twin named Hana and Luna, as they had grown up, Lucifron get assassinated by a stranger who he saved, burning down his Small little hut and hunting for the remaining of the rebelled family, the Twin Mother died looking for Luna as she was in the other side of the hut, Luna was afraid all alone without being found, She thought she got abandoned as she was weak, left all alone without saying goodbye as the house get destroyed by the burn from the flame, she swear to get stronger so she won't feel.

After few years of training alone, She was determine to reopen the gate between two world in hoping to find the group of Assassin and her hidden father power, she used her weapon that her father gave it to her, one of 1/3 of her father sword power, Just Briefly Activating the Gate, Luna Sensed her Another half, her twin sister, was at the other side

Luna gained full lunaries energy after the gate slightly opened a bit The start of the Rivalry Fight between the twins, Luna sought to defeat her twin to gain power to fully connect both of the worlds while Opening to a new world called netherworld.

it seemed as if they derived some sort of twisted pleasure from this sisterly fighting.But in the end, only one left standing. While causing billions of Death by Netherworld Creatures.

Sequential Cycle 2 (if applicable)
it seemed as if they derived some sort of twisted pleasure from this sisterly fighting.But in the end, only one left standing.

The two other factions had to start working together to protect among themselve from the unknown netherworld Threat.

Luna found out the assassin wasn’t from Solaris but was actually sended by king of netherworld for sealing their invasion and not for the war itself

Luna told Hana that she insists on continuing her revenge on their parent “I were better to be eaten to Death with a rust than to be scoured to nothing perpetual motion, giving her twin sister one final last punch before she slips off into Netherworld fighting The King of the underworld

Character: Luna

Character: Jenny

Environment Work

Environment Concept - The End

Work in Progress

Environment - Mobile Games Art Style

Based on Doraemon Story of Seasons


Final Work & Work in Progress


LineArt Practice 1

meant for inktober and arttober but turned into just practicing my sketching skills! trying to mimic sketching traditional style

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