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3D Modeling - Game

3D Modeling - Game

Nguyen Nam Cat Tran
by cattran on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Character, Hard Surface, and Environment model done during the 1-year Diploma and 6-month Advanced Diploma in 3D modeling at 3dsense Media School

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Demo Reel

Hi-Res Character Model

Here is my first highres sculpt done throughout the 1 year diploma at 3dsense Media School.
High resolutions character, sculpted in zbrush, textured in substance painter and rendered in Maya Arnold.


provided by Geumsil Lee

3D Model

ZBrush Sculpts

Hi-Res Hard Surface Model

I modeled this December using the 3d reference from the Terran Marine model by Alessandro Manzani.

Close Ups


Dennis Server's Drawing Room

This is my real-time game environment done during the 6-month Advanced Diploma course at 3dsense Media School. All assets are modeled in Maya, detailed in Zbrush, and textured in Substance Painter using trims, tileables and unique texture maps. LOD is done for every assets in the scene for game ready environment. The whole project took about 3 months to complete. My biggest challenge was highpoly to lowpoly baking as this was my first time attempting this workflow and I had to learn during productions. The reference is from a combination of Dennis Server's Drawing Room photographs I found online.


Callout Sheet

Temple Ruins

As an introduction to Unreal Engine 5 for my 6-month Advance Diploma in Films Production - we were tasked to recreate a concept with a mixture of models made from scratch and Megascans with a new texture work flow using Substance Painter and Mixer. The goal of this 2 months assignment was to achieve a cinematic render with the new Unreal Engine 5, learning nodes and the more technical side of the engine implementation process. 


Concept art from Wanxing Wang

Environment Model


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