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Hitting the deadline
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Hitting the deadline

As a lot of students can probably relate, my winter mainly consists of deadlines, Papers and exams. Since I spend so much time at my desk, I thought this would be an excellent subject for this challenge

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Update - 26 Feb 2022

Final submission

I had a lot of Fun rendering this scene. If I'd had a better laptop I would try and play with Volumetric lighting, to achieve some 'god rays' in the first scene. Since my laptop was already struggling, and sometimes shut blender down without a warning, I decided to leave it like this. Constructive feedback is very much appreciated!

Textures downloaded from ambient CG and Unsplash. The small paintings are art pieces from my talented friend Margot van de kelder ~ @dekelder on Instagram. The bigger art piece and computer screen are from Unsplash.

The lighting in the first scene is done by a sky texture with a sun. I Found this was better than the hdris I could find in this scenario. The second scene is lit by mainly 2 Point lights and a few emission Textures.

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Update - 25 Feb 2022

A noisy render of my progress so far:

I finished the modeling, now on to the texturing. The list below explains what I modeled myself and which assets I got from the internet. The textured assets are also described. Other assets I will texture fully myself or edit.

Update - 22 Feb 2022


Today I created a blockout of the scene and experimented with the sky texture in Blender to get some interesting lighting.

Update - 19 Feb 2022


I created 3 moodboards: one for overall style, one for day mood and one for the evening mood.
The first moodboard is an overall style moodboard. The setup has to be welcoming and cozy. It inspires you, and it makes you want to start your day. My main inspiration is a creator called Maisy Leigh. 

The second Moodboard is an inspiration for the first lighting theme. The sun is quite low, and shines inside. There's a ton of natural lighting. A shadow is casted on the desk or chair, coming from a tree outside or from blinds. The desk is neat and organised. You're ready to start the day.

The last moodboard represents the night theme. Everyone can relate to this feeling. You just hit a deadline or you had a successful study day. There's a lot of artificial lighting coming from screens and lamps. You're tired. It's time for a bit of well deserved relaxation.