last winter
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last winter

it hard for me because I don't have enough time to make this and I need to make this in 4 days before my college has started, so I just search for concept art on the internet and make a little change and find a reference by the way this reference is not perfect because I rush and maybe I will add more

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Update - 7 Jan 2022

I use this picture as a decoration in my scene, this picture I take from google, I don,t know who made this but this image renders made by moe swing from Deviantart

I want to make a lot of things like using 3d characters as a prob and learn how to make render passes or aovs but I don't have enough time so I just render it and software I use has crashed over 5 times and it really takes a lot of my time and I just skip and do it quickly... and this is results of my render

so after rendering I go to photoshop and do compositing and cover how much as I can, and because I have one more day I think I will make the last render tomorrow... 

with character... just decoration

without decoration and realize snow in low poly sad

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Update - 6 Jan 2022

I made a snow shader on Arnold 

then I put snow on objects, that I made yesterday using particles and I also made a snowfall effect using mash, I actually  want to use particles but I don't know how to make the same size snowfall effect

Update - 5 Jan 2022

my reference update I also make color palate based on concept art  using color palate generate on google and add texture reference oh.. and modeling reference 

today I started doing my Blockout using unreal engine characters as scales reference

and I started making a simple model for prob

and after that, i try to block out a building

this model I download from Sketchfab by Icenvain to use on my building

then I start detailing and doing texturing and blocking out lighting and I think that just for today and I will continue tomorrow 

Update - 4 Jan 2022

day 1 - refrence and concept art (concept refrence by Alcxome i just modify and make a little change)