Snowglobe village lighting
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Snowglobe village lighting

Still a work in progress, I plane to do a scene of a snow globe at night and in the day showing warmness and coldness

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Update - 14 Jan 2022

Snow particles added along with basic snow globe stand material, I am still deciding on what i am going to use to texture the table along with the stand of the snow globe. I still am going to model the light strands and add them into the foreground.

(Textures courtesy of

Found Light model for free online at:

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Update - 13 Jan 2022

1/10 Church And Snow globe completed! I have finished texturing the church, and am working on the other building, and I still have to texture the snow globe. I have also decided to include just a singular building in the snowglobe display, as I played around with multiple, but it feels too crowded, and I'm going to add more background details to fill the space instead.

Update - 30 Dec 2021

12/30 Reference Images

A very basic render of what my final concept will be