European snow forest
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European snow forest

The Dark winter is upon us so am takeing the two moods that define the winter for me and making an environment.

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Update - 23 Jan 2022

There happen quite a bit since the last update, I've added some tress and rock as well as some foliage, playing around the fog has also been fun adding more atmosphere to the scene, I can at least say that it getting more and more looking to be closer to the final part of the projekt. 

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Update - 16 Jan 2022

Started getting things into UE5 and setting my scene up, there is still a lot that is needed to be done and tweaking, but I am definitely happy with how it's turning out.   

Update - 8 Jan 2022

I've been working on an alternative blockout and is quite happy with this result, my plan now is to begin modeling and exporting models into UE5 and get the main scene set up before playing around with lighting as shown in my mood board, and if anyone got some feedback am all ears😉.

Update - 29 Dec 2021

My plan is to make a European inspired snow forest with the two moods that define the winter season for me, the dark gray before the snowfall and the cold and bright winter mornings, I have a pretty rough idea of what the environment is gonna look like, So to say the least am supper excited to get it setup and come out with updates😊 .