The inexperienced Skater
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The inexperienced Skater

The inexperienced Spider takes on the role of roller skating

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Update - 8 Jan 2022

                                             Final Render 

Here is my final render for the Knight Spider Animation Competition :)

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Update - 4 Dec 2021


Here's a rough blockout of my animation so far. I used a YouTube video of a professional ice skater as my reference to help me blockout the main poses such as the jump and split in the air. I will shortly post the splined version. 

Update - 4 Dec 2021


Here is my storyboard with my final idea for the Spider Knight animation. Using the roller skates from the Adobe 3D assets, I've decided to go ahead with the idea of the Spider Knight learning to skate and progressively getting better. However I think he gets a bit too confident at the end....