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Stranger Things Hydra Concept Art
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Stranger Things Hydra Concept Art

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Update - 15 Dec 2021

Final Update:

Breech Concept:

''The wall seemed to curl and warp, as if large worms swarmed behind the white wallpaper. Without warning a larger bulge pushed forward, threatening to burst the strange, fabric like, structure of the wall. Finally with a loud clapping slapping sound, like wet rubber braking, the creatures true hellish form emerged with blood read teeth gnashing and dripping from the hole in reality'' 

Final Creature Concept:

For this creature design I really wanted to work with the unique way creatures press in upon the fabric of reality, turning walls into fabric to brake through. With that in mind I like the idea of give the creature loose stringy skin stretched over a bare bone blood covered visage, skin that may help it blend in with the wall it was stretching and braking its way through.

Overall I think this was a fairly successful design, I think the rendering on the teeth in the final image especially as well as the way I drew the various mouths throughout the project were successful. but I think my rendering in a lot of the smaller sketches was not as good as it could have been, especially when it comes to my rendering of how the walls warp and stretch. 

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Update - 10 Dec 2021

More Refined Sketches:

I decided which of my early sketches I liked most and did a couple sketches to help see what direction I wanted to take the design.

Update - 27 Nov 2021

Project Pitch:

For my stranger things concept design entry I want to design a new creature to terrorise the characters in new and interesting ways. I aim to take inspiration from not only the creatures we have already seen in the series so far, but also take some influences from dungeons and dragons to bring it back to the running theme of the show's monsters being named after D&D's various critters.


The main idea for this creature is that the characters would come to call it ''the hydra'' a creature that has enumerable heads that it can push through space time from the upside down into reality. These heads would emerge through the floors and walls attacking victims. If one of these heads is killed, the creature sends two more in its place (it keeps sending more heads until it runs out and dies or the prey gives in).

Early designs:

To start myself off, I did some rough sketches to get a sort of feel for the design. 

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