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Billy Hargrove

Hello ! For this project I decided to work on the character of Billy. I find this character really interesting for the hair and the likeness. I will try to get as closes as possible to realism. My goal is also to catch his eyes, that I find really interesting ! Good luck to everyone !

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Update - 24 Nov 2021

Hi, so to explain my process. I clearly wouldn't  have the time to create a character from scratch. So I got a metahuman character. Topology already made with propertion, clearly it saves me a looot of time !

So I remixed it to my liking. So here is the result of what it looked like at the beginning and the final.

It was a little hard because I had a hard time capturing Dacre's facial feature. His features are not very marked and discreet but at the same time they are... yes it's weird... but I understand myself x)

Final look. 

Here I make a quick sculpt of his hair.

I will probably make some changes of his face in the future when I will do the details and the texturing but for the moment its hard to see what's wrong.  So now it's time for the clothes part !

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Update - 13 Nov 2021