Dr. Zarkov Real-time Model
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Dr. Zarkov Real-time Model

My entry for the Flash Gordon Modeling Contest. I chose Dr. Zarkov because I rarely sculpt animals. Coming into this project I generally focus on realism so I want to push myself to do something stylized this time around. I started this project a tiny bit late so hopefully I'll be able to make something interesting.

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

I've finished the retopo and I'm ready to add extra details for the bake etc.

Update - 14 Jul 2021

I did a retopo to clean everything up and add a few details. I'll most likely keep most of this for the final low poly mesh, while getting rid of the cuts and small details that will read in the bake just fine without geo. I'll fix up the paws, then detail the clothing a bit, finish and retopo the head and finally move on to the textures. My pc is a potato so I'll need the good part of a day for the renders so the textures will probably be a bit rushed.

Update - 8 Jul 2021

I found out about this challenge a bit late so hopefully I can finish in time.  I decided to go for Dr. Zarkov, the french bulldog version and to make a real-time model.

I haven't sculpted dogs before so I started off by familiarizing myself with the anatomy and general shapes through studies. To save time I started with quick sketches and once I felt like I was comfortable with my knowledge on french bulldogs I sculpted a slightly generic model that vaguely resembled the concept and then edited it to match the stylized proportions of the concept. 

I was considering building the armor up in maya, as I'm more used to it than zbrush, but ended up sculpting the outfit onto the main body in the latter to save time. I am currently doing a quick retopo to quickly give the outfit a clean hard surface look, which might contrast nicely against the fluffy, flabby head. The shoulder pads and goggles were made in maya and were passed between it and zbrush to correct proportions and to keep hard edges as I tweaked the model.

I will be adding any extra details that will mainly read in the bake once I finish the retypo