Flash Gordon
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Flash Gordon

I know I'm a bit late but better late than never, I'm using Zbrush to make this character. I know I'm still in the early stage but I know I can make it on time. Detailing this guy is going to be really fun, Hopefully, everything will go right.

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Update - 19 Jul 2021

I rendered the sculpt in marmoset and edit the picture in photoshop, It's my first time making a cyborg sculpt in Zbrush but I think I did pretty good on my first try. This was a fun project to make, hopefully, there will be more for me to join. (I simply edited the previous post and added dates to it when I kept working on the project) 

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Update - 7 Jul 2021

Update 7/12/21

I started adding lines to the body of the character with the damp standard tool. Started sculpting on the mechanical arm, it's a bit more challenging than I thought but it not impossible. 

Update 7/16/21

I'm very close to finishing this project, I'm not used to making robotic parts on Zbrush but this was a nice challenge for me. I'm planning on posing his posing the character and render him in Marmoset.